1. Visit https://ww.afrima.org or use the direct URL https://afrima.org/AFRIMA2022Voting-Portal to navigate to the voting platform.
  2. Returnee voters’ can login with the appropriate details to access the voting platform - While new users should click on the create account option and fill in the details ensuring they remember the details exactly username and password as it will be required for successful login.
  3. Upon successful login to the voting platform, you will find the dashboard area where the impact of your voting engagement is displayed as well as your unique shareable URL.
  4. The unique shareable URL enables you acquire more vote count when you share the URL on your social platforms to be used for any artistes in any category as you choose.
  5. Navigate to the menu where you find the Regional and Continental categories then select the appropriate category of your choosing to vote.
  6. On each of the voting categories, you find the respective artiste, artistes’ images, artistes name, track title of nominations, country, YouTube/Soundcloud link to preview before voting and then a vote button.
  7. Every voter upon signup will be entitled to 5 Vote counts daily (i.e., every day to be used per category according to their choosing) for each of the 39 categories of the Awards –more vote counts can be acquired/accumulated based on fans engagements with a unique shareable URL found on the fans/voters’dashboard upon signup
  8. The voting portal closes 24 hours to the date of the main awards event ceremony
  9. The Academy of voters have a unique voting portal and login identification to participate in the voting process.
  10. The impact of the voting for the members of the Academy of voters will have effect on designated categories as defined by the Academy and International body of AFRIMA for Academy voting and Public voting.
  11. For any other information you can reach out to us on info@afrima.org
  12. Visit the AFRIMA official website https://ww.afrima.org or any of the social channels on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok for latest updates from AFRIMA