Afrima Facts

  1. The Youngest AFRIMA winner is Shannah Manjeru, at 13-years-old the Kenyan singer won the award for “Best Female Artist in Inspirational Music”
  2. Senegal is the first French-speaking country to host the All Africa Music Awards. It won the hosting rights to the 8th AFRIMA
  3. AFRIMA is a combined effort by music professionals across the continent aimed at celebrating the rich musical heritage of African continent.
  4. About 44 countries vied to be the host of the iconic continental award AFRIMA.
  5. Nigeria won the right to host AFRIMA for three years (2014-2016).
  6. AFRIMA is spearheaded by a group of professionals and music stakeholders known as the International Committee.
  7. The theme of the maiden edition of the All Africa Music Awards is “For Hope, For Celebration”. It revolves round the universal power of music as a tool of unity in the African continent despite the challenges it faces.
  8. FACE IT is an acronym coined by the International Committee of AFRIMA. It represents the core values of the All Africa Music Award which are: Fairness, Authenticity, Creativity, Excellence, Integrity and Transparency.
  9. The Africa continent is known for its diverse cultures, thus, AFRIMA is an avenue to showcase, celebrate, promote and preserve the rich African cultural heritage and values.
  10. AFRIMA also celebrates unrecorded artistes, proving a platform for them to showcase their talents to the world.
  11. The African Union Commission is in partnership with AFRIMA as well as other government agencies across the continent who are delighted to be part of this epoch-making event.
  12. AFRIMA is not an anagram of AFRICA however, both 6-letter words have exact letters of the alphabet with exception of the fifth letters 'C' and 'M' respectively.
  13. The All Africa Music Awards trophy is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements of music, the African Djembe drum and a microphone. The Djembe drum is a musical instrument of the Bamana people of Mali. Djembe is coined from a popular saying in the Bamana culture “ Anke dje, anke” which translates to “Everyone gather together in peace” in English. The microphone is the contemporary device that transforms the acoustic signal of a vocal performance into electrical signals and filtered into the sounds we hear. The fusion of these two musical instruments reflects AFRIMA’s goal to bridge the gaping gap between the classic and contemporary musicians of Africa. It seeks to unite and celebrate all forms of African music irrespective of its era.
  14. The All Africa Music Awards in it's maiden edition, recorded an impressive participation as a total of two thousand and twenty five entries (2,025) were received at the close of the submission of entry.
  15. Winners will emerge through a voting process which will occur via the AFRIMA Academy and the public. Voting is strictly online.
  16. As part of AFRIMA core values to show transparency and integrity, the submitted works will be screened by a 13-person jury panel that is part of the AFRIMA Academy of Voters comprising of 527 members grouped into two layers of adjudicators spread across the five regions of Africa. The jury members who have been carefully selected to represent the five (5) regions of Africa and the Diaspora are from the following countries- Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, UK and USA as well as a representative from the African Union.
  17. As part of the AFRIMA’s initiative, “Our Voice” project is a corporate social responsibility project aimed at supporting and raising the consciousness for education and literacy for children in Africa.
  18. AFRIMA Village, a four-day open festival-like music concert holding, draws its inspiration from the traditional African style of celebration. This traditional form of Africa celebration took place during special occasions such as the coronation of a king or attainment of a title, death of a notable man or woman, crop harvesting season, etc. In the old days, people from distant and neighbouring towns and villages will troop to the celebrating town to be part of dancing, eating and drinking. Such events featured masquerade display, friendly wrestling matches and vigorous dancing. AFRIMA Village will likewise feature carnival display by participating countries, music stars in performance and abundance of food and drinks!
  19. There will be an Africa Music Summit, themed "Reviving the Business of Music in Africa". The one-day conference will be a platform for the music industry stakeholders to engage and deliberate on how the industry can be nurtured and be a major contributor to national and continental economies.
  20. The All Africa Music Award Ceremony promises to be a premium and star-studded event.
  21. It will be beamed live in 84 countries on 109 TV stations around the globe.