Host Country

The Host Country is actively integral to the planning and execution of the events on the AFRIMA calendar in collaboration with the International Committee of AFRIMA and The African Union Commission as well as key stakeholders. Presence of representatives of the Host at all AFRIMA events and partner organisations events holding outside the Host Country/City is also critical.

Past Host Cities / Countries

1. The Royal Kingdom of Morocco (Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
AFRIMA Country Visit & Stakeholders Conference 2015

2. The Gambia (Ministry of Culture)
AFRIMA 2016 Calendar Unveiling

3. Republic of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Tourism Authority)
AFRIMA Stakeholder’s Meeting 2016

4. The Government of Lagos State
AFRIMA 2016 & AFRIMA 2017 Main Awards Ceremony Host City

5. The Republic of Ghana
AFRIMA 2018 Calendar Unveiling

6. Republic of Ghana (Federal Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture)
AFRIMA 2018 Main Awards Ceremony Host Country

  • Socio-Economic Benefits: The city hosting AFRIMA will see a surge in visitors, stakeholders, international and local media. This will provide an increase in spending and inflow of money into local economies that will make an overall impact on the wider economy and grow market share in Africa.
  • Long Term Investment and Job Creation: A significant benefit is the long-term investmen which comes from preparing for the AFRIMA event. The host city will have a legacy of improved event venues, infrastructure and transport systems to cater to the event. These investments will in turn create jobs for citizens of the host city.
  • Continental & International City Branding: Hosting AFRIMA immediately raises the continental and international profile of the Host City and puts it on the global map for positive reasons. This is especially significant for emerging tourists’ destinations.
  • City Development: Hosting AFRIMA encourages the adoption of new benchmarks for city development and prompting real progress in city development. The imposition of external deadlines actually helps the city to achieve disciplined and rapid progress in organisation and project managing international events.
  • Joint effort between Regional and National authorities: Hosting AFRIMA means that country, regional and national authorities have to work together to plan the full range of logistics.
  • Increased Civic Pride and Community Empowerment: Hosting AFRIMA will make this possible as groups of stakeholders get to contribute to and support the bid, together with new skills and training for those involved in delivering the event.
  • Enhanced Partnerships: Hosting AFRIMA will translate to greater commercial activity and investment from new sponsors, media, broadcasters and large corporations.
  • Increased Tourism and Publicity: Hosting AFRIMA will increase with tourism to host city and state. It will also highlight how accessible host country is to potential businesses and investments.