AFRIMA has forged numerous partnerships with businesses and persons on the continent as part of a strategic drive for knowledge sharing and exchange to develop professional capacity and contribute to the GDP of the continent.

AFRIMA provides many benefits and an ideal platform for Africa’s global destinations/cities and visionary organizations in Africa’s corporate sector passionate about the cultural heritage of the African continent and seeking dynamic channels to reach target audiences in Africa and globally, most of who are followers of African music and artistes, in a means to expand their business reach.


It is with great honour, enthusiasm and pride that the African Union Commission has worked closely with the International Committee of AFRIMA and has witnessed the robust growth and popularization of this Pan-African music platform since its inception.

AFRIMA events line up with the African Union Commission’s Charter for African Cultural Renaissance and the Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries. The promotion of African music and music talents is in line with the implementation of the African Union Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries and thus contributing to the development of the creative economy.

The African Union adopted its blueprint strategy, “The African Union Agenda 2063: the Africa We Want,” in January 2015. The AU Agenda 2063 outlines seven (7) aspirations of which aspiration 05 is about the development of the arts and culture sector including its cultural and creative industries sector to enable its contribution to the development of the economy of the continent.

Since 2015, the annual AFRIMA event calendar has been declared open at a joint AUC-AFRIMA cultural conference. In 2015, this Conference/Calendar Unveiling was held at the AUC Secretariat, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and in 2016, the Conference/Calendar Unveiling held at The Banjul, Gambia as part of activities of the commemoration of the 10th African Union Youth Charter in Banjul, Gambia. In 2017, the annual AFRIMA calendar was unveiled by the AU at The Maslow, Sandton, Johannesburg,South Africa in partnership with the Sun International.

The partnership between the African Union and AFRIMA aims at achieving and fostering greater strides in the development of Africa’s Creative Economy.


PRM AFRICA & BACKSATGE PRO, two African brands, have produced AFRIMA events across the continent since 2013. The Brand/Marketing Communications and Production Company respectively, have built a growing network of collaborators and partners in the media, hospitality, aviation, government and event production sectors of Africa in the process of prosecuting successful editions of AFRIMA events in the Host Countries/Cities (2014 -2019) and in other African countries.

ONE CAMPAIGN has been lending unreserved support to AFRIMA since 2013 and both organizations are in consonance to work tirelessly to achieve similar goals of ending poverty, illiteracy and corruption in Africa and developing positive networks of forward-thinking people for the benefit of the continent. AFRIMA and ONE work with artistes and other African stars to encourage young people and policy makers to promote health, education and other social benefits.