The Award

The AFRIMA Winner is rewarded at the Main Awards Show with a 23.9 Karat Gold Plated trophy that blends traditional and contemporary elements of music -the African Djembe drum and a microphone.

The Djembe drum is a musical instrument of the Bamana people of Mali and the word ‘Djembe’ is coined from a popular saying in the Bamana culture “Anke dje, anke” which translates in English to “Everyone gather together in peace”.

A common thread that runs in our culture and our very being as Africans is music. Although varying in beats and in rhythm, depending on the region, we love music. It uplifts, inspires, motivates and unites us.

The microphone is the contemporary device that transforms the acoustic signal of a vocal performance into electrical signals that is filtered into the sounds we hear. The fusion of these two musical instruments reflects AFRIMA’s goal to bridge the gap between the classic and contemporary music forms of Africa and to unite Africa through the celebration all forms of African music irrespective of its era.

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