Value Proposition

The AFRIMA Value Proposition Platform

AFRIMA is a celebration of musical talents and creativity through exciting world-class public outings across Africa. A thrilling spectacle of musical events brilliantly expressed through live performances by accomplished and budding artist across Africa.

Vivid Spectacles/ Atmosphere: Powerful Lights and Lightings, Exciting Sights & Melodious Sound... all with “awe inspiring images of the Good Life".

Property on Offer: Exhilarating entertainment and uplifting experiences through music. Both in theory and in practice, “Music” is the most credible and time-tested purveyor of values that are:

  • Undeniably positive, multifarious and contemporary.
  • Which also stand out as exciting purveyors of the "good life".

Even more exciting and uplifting, are the different genres of contemporary African music that are ever vibrant and exceedingly melodious.

These values can be distilled and strategically leveraged to develop a central proposition platform and other complementary platforms, for key sponsor brands, wherever necessary.