AFRIMA honours 2017 SAMA Invitation

The All African Music Awards, AFRIMA, will honour the invitation from the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) to the 2017 edition of South Africa Music Awards, holding on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 at the Sun City Resorts, Rustenburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The annual awards event is organised by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) to celebrate and reward the achievements of South African music and artists. 


In the invitation sent to the President/Executive Producer, AFRIMA, the CEO of RISA, Nhlanhla Paul Sibisto, stated that "the primary objective of SAMA is to create an entity where it's not just about the music industry but where the whole of South Africa rallies behind the awards. There are very few entities which present opportunities for South Africans to feel proud and celebrate themselves like the SAMAs does".

In his response, the President/Executive Producer of AFRIMA, Mike Dada, reaffirmed AFRIMA's commitment to 'African initiatives that will enhance our mission of achieving a desired Africa where poverty is reduced and a new positive narrative is built through the instrumentality of music and creativity'.

"Attending the SAMAs and being part of South Africa's celebration of its best and brightest talents will fuel our motivation to work harder in impacting the continent and the rest of the world through the AFRIMA objectives. This invitation is a positive step in using this means to unify and discuss matters of development in Africa. This goes to show the commitment the African music industry has to promoting Africa's development, through music, entertainment and culture", Dada added.