The winner will be awarded a trophy that is in the form of a djembe drum and a microphone. According to the Bamana people of Mali, the djembe comes from saying “Anke dje, anke” which translates to: “Everyone gather together in peace”.

The common thread that runs in our culture and our very being as Africans is music. Although different in beat and in rhythm, depending on the region, we love music.

It uplifts us during challenging times, it inspires us, it motivates us and unites us.

AFRIMA strives to pull Africans together using a medium to which we are inherently dispositioned and use it to bring about peace on our continent.

As part of our mission we aim to promote and preserve Africa's biggest exports; our culture, music. We will do this through workshops and summits that will highlight issues such as intellectual property and treating music as a career and business.